Referthermo is fabricated by pressing alumina and other ceramic powders ito an easily recognizable tablet shape. Just like other ceramics, Referthermo begins to shrink when heated, and as the temperture is raised, it gradually becomes denser until full density is achieved. Firing temperture is measured through the shrinkage rate.

  • Temperture distribution of every three-dimensional testing points inside furnace could be easily and simply determined. Referthermo could placed at different positon upon needs.

  • Could place closely to products to determine the firing conditions to reflet the sintering temperture.

  • Good consistency at temperture determination and could determine the actual firing temperature. It helps to improve the yield rate at sintering process.

  • Accurately reflect the actual firing temperature and the temperature difference at different points during firing process.

  • For thermocouples, optical pyrometer test is quite complex work and by Referthermo, accurate firing temperature could be easily grasped.
  • Regular testing for the heat resume of furnace temperature