Ceramic Package for Crystal Device, SAW Filter, MEMS and Other SMD Type Passive Components

Suitable for ultra- compact and ultra-thin surface mount components

SMD-type package is used for crystal oscillators, crystal transmitters, and SAW filters

Ceramic Package for Semiconductor Integrated Circuit.

  • Good hermeticity
  • Good reliability
  • Good insulation resistance
  • Multilayer wiring structure supports multifunctional electric properties
  • CTE close to Si
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Good heat conductivity
DIP package
A more universally used multipurpose IC package
LCC package
A high hermeticity, high reliability package used for various MEMS sensors, such as gyro sensors, GPS, and air bags etc
CQFP package
A surface mount type package used at the ASIC for industrial and communications equipment
PGA、BGA package
A package used mainly for the MPU of a computer or communications equipment
High frequency package
A package used for equipped with advanced IC chips, such as ASIC
Package for opto-devices
A package used for high-speed long-distance transmissions and metro/access transmissions, meets the demand for high frequency and high output that are necessary for GaAs FET and MMIC

High Thermal Conductive Silver Adhesive

Our high thermal conductive, low resistance silver adhesive solved the problems of for more heat that generated from high integration and high-speed modern semiconductor circuit and it solved the heat dissipation problem that traditional low thermal conductive epoxy adhesive cannot overcome.

  • Pb free
  • Same thermal conductivity with solder
  • Same resistance value with solder
  • Chip stress is same with solder
  • High thermal conductivity for power components
  • Low elastic rate to achieve high reliability
  • Power semiconductor
  • Laser diode
  • High power consumption LED, Power hybrid circuit board
  • RF power device etc

High Power Semiconductor Packaging Materials Material

Due to high thermal conductivity request for high power semiconductor components, DRE We provide high thermal conductivity and excellent insulation resin composite material from Japan. Except material, the manufactory could also provide support on comprehensive technology, such as tooling design, molding process and quality inspection etc.

  • High thermal conductivity (Max 4.5W/mK)
  • Excellent insulation
  • Injection molding (Transform)
  • Low expansion coefficient
  • High power semiconductor packaging
  • Packaging Materials for power device
  • Packaging Materials for power module
  • Coil packaging material
  • Spare Parts of Engines
  • Related parts of LED lighting
  • Related parts of high output laser
  • Related parts of Automobile