Thick Film Electronic Materials

To cope with miniaturization, high performance and high added-value trend of electronic parts, the requirements of materials are increasingly diversified. To respond different needs of market and customers, various high quality think film electronc materials are continuous introduced.

  • Cope with different needs of products by adjusting characteristics
  • Excellent dispersion technology and resulted in thin layers of electrode
  • Contraction curve is adjustable so as to increase the matching with carrier
  • Good filling performance
  • Good solder wettability
  • Electrode for sensors(Oxysen sensor), piezoelectric ceramic, resistors, capacitors and similar prodcuts

  • Electrode for LTCC, resonator, glass substrate, ceramic substrate, aluminum nitride substrate and similar products

  • Electrode for the substrate of imaging sensor, thermal printer, magnetic head and similar products

High Thermal Conductive Silver Adhesive

Our high thermal conductive, low resistance silver adhesive solved the problems of for more heat that generated from high integration and high-speed modern semiconductor circuit and it solved the heat dissipation problem that traditional low thermal conductive epoxy adhesive cannot overcome.

  • Lead(Pb) free
  • Same thermal conductivity with solder
  • Same resistance value with solder
  • Chip stress is same with solder
  • High thermal conductivity for power components
  • Low elastic rate to achieve high reliability
  • Power semiconductor
  • Laser diode
  • High power consumption LED, Power hybrid circuit board
  • RF power device etc