Machines for Touch Panel Industries



Vacuum Laminating Machine (Hard to hard)

A laminating machine to align by manual glass plate and cover glass and perform laminating under vacuum environment

  1. Configuring with FFU, ventilation times will increase upon blowing capacity (cleanliness level 1000 --70 times/H) and the air flow is adjustable
  2. Designed as a easy to exhange structure for consuming parts
  3. Safety of driving part is secured through cover plate
  4. Safety of work surface is secured through regional sensor or image alignment system
  5. Adhension platform is designed to place inside chamber for easy installment and replacement
  6. Widely correspond to products with different specification need
  7. Laminating accurancy is ±100µm (exclude parts reason) (accuracy of mechanical repetition standard)
  8. Except work platform device, configure with safety device
  9. Beat 3.5 "Capacity, vacuum level at 20 seconds is 665PA (Using the same equipment for 7")
  10. Soft to soft, soft to hard vacuum laminating machine is also available upon customers' request
  • Applicable to hard to hard rear process part for following 3 types of touch screen
    • A. Tablet below size 7"~ 10.1"
    • B. Smart phone with size 4"~ 6"
    • C. Module below 4"