Screen Printer

Base on the professional engineering knowledge on printing machine, we could provide a series of printing equipment, technical support for customers in different industries and products.

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic machine
  • A series of high precision and productivity machines for different industries and products
  • User friendly design with touch panel
  • Specification could be customized
  • Drying oven is optional
  • Except MLCC industry, it is available for Touch Panel Industry (such as black matrix printing, resist printing, metallization printing)
  • Cutting edge technology of printing


Screen Printer (Roll to Roll)

Roll to roll with un-winding, printing, drying and re-winding process with film in the process of production (e.g. MLCC).

  • Specification could be customized
  • Constant tension will be maintained during printing
  • A dedicated roll to roll screen printer specially for Roll to roll printing


Laminator (Sheet to Sheet)

This laminating machine is use for film peeling, positioning, laminating and preloading to ceramic laminate.

  • Classify different type/pattern of sheet in different cassettes laminating
  • Capable for various laminating specification
  • This laminator is suitable for laminating of inductor, LTCC, antenna and module


Laminator (Roll to Roll)

A laminating machine for MLCC production process.

  • Capable to handle the green sheet with thickness above 1 micron
  • Constant tension will be maintained during processing
  • Laminating process could be customized
  • Capable for various printing sizes
  • Specially suitable for roll to roll process of products such as MLCC and varistor


Cutting Machine (Chip Capacitor/Inductor)

A cutting machine specially designed for the miniaturization trend of ceramic components with high cost-performance ratio.

  • Movement accuracy of Y axis at table is ±1µm
  • User friendly design with touch panel
  • Air Balanced system to reduce the cutting stress on the chips
  • Dicing speed become 30% faster than previous model
  • Capable of dicing different sizes of ceramic components
  • Suitable for different chip ceramic components upon miniaturization


Terminator (Chip Capacitor)

A high quality terminator correspond for small components with high performance, high efficiency and value-added products to fullfil customers' need.

  • Fully automated production process including dipping, drying and collecting
  • Higher productivity, accuracy and yield rate
  • User friendly design with touch panel
  • Correspond for small size products such as chip capacitor, chip inductor and chip resistor


Automatic Sorting Machine (Chip Capacitor)

An automatic sorting machine for testing and sorting chip components with different parameters. Products supplied by vibrating hopper and deliver by track to testing plate. Parameters and characteristic will be measured by different testing station. Parameters and data got will be used for judgement by specific defination and will then classfly and store.

  • Except MLCC, this sorting machine can correspond for small components such as chip inductor, array capicator, array inductor, varistor, filter.
  • High yield rate
  • Using precision tester with a special test structures to achieve high precision
  • Correspond for small size 0201 products
  • Operation software is simple, easy to use and convenience for production management