SAW Device Manufacturing Machinery

Automatic Sealing Machine

A machine that mouthing the seal ring at metal lid, performimg positioning spot welding and using parallel seam welding to perform hermetic packaging of ceramic base and the metal lid.

  • Configure with vacumn Oven Chamber before mounting. Parallel seam welding after mounting, with 2 welding head and X, Y seam welding points, welding at Nitrogen atmosphere.
  • By using the principle of Juole's law, energized between the lid and the seal ring of base and welding the cover and the base together to achieve the purpose of sealing components.
  • High speed and high precision of the positioning of lid.
  • Using new type of high frequency welding supply which the width of pluse is changeable, to have a more reliable welding quality
  • Corresponding for the welding of 2016 to 5070 SMD SAW filter products.
  • Also corresponding for those SMD SAW filter products which the size is larger than 5070.

3 in 1 SAW Auto-Sorter (Sorting, Marking & Tapping)

This device is a fully automatied system for electrical parameters checking, classification, surface laser printing and tapping of SMD type acoustic wave filter. The basic process is conveying components by feeder, checking the facing direction and correcting the wrong one, performing electrical parameters checking and classfication, laser printing on qualified components and convey to tapping and packaging.

  • Structure is simple and size is small.
  • Included testing, classification, laser printing, tapping and packaging in one, easy to use.
  • Corresponding for very small size 3.0X3.0 to 1.0X1.4 components and easy for exchanging the setting of components size.
  • According to customer requirements, network analyzer is optional.
  • Simple type of testing sorter which is without laser printing and tapping function is also available.

Crystal Device Manufacturing Machinery


1-1. Multi Wire Saw

Suitable for cutting crystal

  • Front cutting mode
  • Slurry cutting process
  • Corresponding to the requirements of large lot cutting
  • Cutting machine with high precision and low cost.
  • MWS-3020
  • Largest cutting size(mm)
    300W x 150H x 200D
    Equipment size(mm)
    1952W x 1970H x 2040D
  • MWS-3027
  • Largest cutting size(mm)
    300W x 150H x 270D
    Equipment size(mm)
    1952W x 1970H x 2040D


1-2. Multi Wire Saw

Suitable for reshaping and cutting of crystal piece.

  • Front cutting mode
  • Slurry cutting process
  • Cutting machine with high precision and low cost.
  • MWS-23N
  • Largest cutting size (mm)
    120W x 50H x 100D
    Equipment size (mm)
    1218W x 1900H x 1600D


2. Lapping Machine

HAMAI company has 90 years of experience in the production of double-sided grinding machine, and their ultra precision double-sided, single-sided grinding machine and polishing machine are well-known and with good reputation from customers.

Various models from small szie 3BN to large size 74BN are available and suitable for processing of crystal, silicon, glass, sapphire, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, ceramics, computer harddisk, LCD and other products.

In addition, HAMAI company has a number of patents, for example 3WAY technology, hydrodynamic plain bearing technology, with these patents, high precision and stable processing can be obtained and the yield rate of customer's product can quickly improved.

  • Hydrodynamic Plain Bearing technology which the lower plate levitates slightly on oil when it starts rotating to ensure smooth lapping with vibrationfree plate rotation which can prevent damaging of plate
  • The gear trains which are hardened by heat processing and ground to JIS class 0, drive every axis of the machine smoothly to achieve maximum inhibition of shock during processing
  • The base of machine is cast iron block to maintain the stability
  • Maintain and control the relative plate flattening by effectively controling the rotation direction and speed of carrier.
  • Lapping machine is widely used for the grinding and polishing of LED sapphire substrates, optical glass wafer, quartz wafer, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, ceramics, crystal and other hard and brittle materials


3. Blank Auto Sorter

  • Processing capacity: 6000pcs/hour (Vary from different measurement parameters)
  • Using CCD image recognition to detect the position of blank individually to avoid the occurrence of laminations
  • The main mechanism is by AC servo motor control and computer management. Parameter adjustment is simple and automation.
  • Corresponding to more small blank
    1. 2.0mm x 1.3mm ~ 1.4mm x 1.0mm
    2. 1.6mm x 1.1mm ~ 1.0mm x 0.75mm
  • Inspection items: Basic frequency, 3rd overtone, CI, IR, parasitic, Ripple


4. Blank Inserter

Sow the blank at feeding tray uniformly, positioning by upper 2 CCD at left and right side and picking up the blank. After picking up, perfrom precision positioning by CCD and put the blank into the electrode mask.

  • High speed
  • High productivity
  • High precision at loading the blank
  • Simple operation
  • Corresponding to the blank of 1612 ~ 3225 crystal


5. Load Lock Sputtering System

Using sputtering technique to coat metal electrode film such as Cr, Ag or Au on crystal blank

  • Even distribution of film thickness: inside tray±1.2%, between tray ±1.5%
  • Target-use efficiency largely improved to 44% by improving a cathode.
  • "Rack & Pinion" system enables accurate conveyance.


6. Test Jig for Blank after Base Plate

Test jig for blank after base plate. Suitable for testing the frequency and DLD related parameters of blank after base plate. Customer can connect this jig to their own network analyzer to test the electrical parameters of base plated blank in different size easily.

  • The structure is simple, stable, reliable and test is simple, easy to operate
  • Corresponding products are 4 terminal crystal oscillator, 2 terminals crystal resonator, metal or glass packaging/SMD base plated blank


7. Auto Blank Mounter

An auto blank loading mounter that using 4 CCD for positioning. With a new image procressing software, the pacakge could be recogized by electrode and so the dispensing checking will not be affected by the colour and materials of conductive resin. Clear identification for those blank after bevel and process checking for those finishing products with indentification difficulties on backgrounds.

  • High precision on blank mounting and loading
  • Package will be supplied from tray to working platform and perform lower mounting, blank loading, upper mounting and inspection on finishing products
  • Over 90% of driver are using AC servo motor to have a high precision controlling, smooth operation, and reduce the virbation of machine to lowest.
  • Can connect to oven for assembly-line and use as a equipment for IN-LINE.
  • Laser altimeter and pre-burn for mount point function is optional
  • Corresponding products: 1612 ~ 3225 size


8. Clean Cure Oven

This machine will continuously to cure the conductive resin of crystal components on the tray inside cure oven at a high precision controlled temperture and atmosphere environment.

  • Structure of hot air circulation and good temperature uniformity
  • High efficiency filter is installed at the outlet of hot air to prevent dust
  • Upper part of oven is designed for easy maintanence that it can be opened and closed
  • Dust-free strcture to fully ensure the cleanliness at inside of oven


9. Ion Beam Frequency Adjustment Equipment

Suitable for the precision fine tuning of frequency of SMD quartz crystal resonator / oscillator. Pipeline type is also avilable as optional for IN-LINE production.

  • Equipped with a new rectangular ion gun with 100mm large caliber
  • High precision of machine structure and correspond for fine tuning of frequency of small size products such as 1612 ~ 3225.
  • Adopting two chambers and Load-lock type conveyer system to maintain a vacuum situation in the working room always.
  • The tact time does not depend on vacuum pumping time and vent time.
  • The life time of the filament and other consumables are increased.
  • Without dust blowing
  • Working room is secured from atomosphere to maintain clean condition.
  • New Ion source (Beam width domain: 100mm) is equipped in. 24 works can be made at the same time to have a high productivity.


10. High Vacuum Anneal Furnace

This equipment is developed for performing heat treatment mainly to eliminate internal stress distortion generated during the working of quartz oscillators and piezoelectric ceramic component. Most suitable for heat treatment of those components which require high stability.

  • Structure of vacuum chamber: 2 Chamber (5 layers/chamber)
  • Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Temperature adjustment accuracy ±15°C
  • Temperature rise time: Approx. 60 min to reach 250°C form the room temperature
  • Ultimate pressure 6.7*10-4Pa or lower (Two chamber pumping)


11-1. Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

A machine that mouthing metal lid at seal ring of ceramic base by image recognition, performimg positioning spot welding and using parallel seam welding to perform hermetic packaging of ceramic base and the metal lid.

  • Vacumn Oven Chamber before mounting. Parallel seam welding after mounting, with 3 welding head and X, Y seam welding points, X is welding under vacuum condition while Y is welding at Nitrogen atmosphere.
  • By using the principle of Juole's law, energized between the lid and the seal ring of base and welding the cover and the base together to achieve the purpose of sealing components.
  • High speed and high precision of the positioning of lid.
  • Using new type of high frequency welding supply which the width of pluse is changeable, to have a more reliable welding quality
  • Corresponding for the welding of 1220 to 3225 products.


11-2. Glass Sealing Furnace

The furnace perfroms melt sealing for glass sealing crystal or other products continuously under precise temperature control in a nitrogen atmosphere.

  • Good hermeticity of furnace chamber
  • Temperature uniformity (common temperture 360°C,maximum temperture 600°C,temperature accuracy ±5°C)
  • Long life of heater


11-3. AuSn Sealing Furnace

A sealing machine match with ceramic package and suitable for Metal Lid which contains AuSn, AuGe

  • Correspond with sealing atmosphere which are high vacuum, low vacuum, N2(Nitrogen) and so on.
  • Different specification of furnace chamber for different productivity.


12-1. Final Test System

This equipment is a fully automatic high-speed type sorting machine with parameter testing function for quartz crystal resonator. Another specification for oscillator device is also available.

  • Array the PAD direction of products which convey by vibratiing feeder to same by image processing function of camera and place at the testing jig for parameter testing. Passed products will put at storage tray and defective products will put at defective sorting box.
  • Corresponding product: The testing and sorting for SMD 1612 ~ 3225 quartz crystal resonator / oscillator.


12-2. Temperature Test System

This temperature test system can accurately measure the electric parameters of resonator at multi points of temperture which set by users. The format of testing result is very flexable and all measured parameters could be used for temperture testsing report analysis.

  • Different specification of testing disc for various dimension of SMD or pin type crystal resonators and can measure at different points or continuous temperture.
  • Use patented wheel testing disc, nickel plated pin which is harder to wear down and provide a longer life time.
  • Replacing normal connector by solderless jack to provide a very low resistance and consistent connection. Reliable contact, high reliability at repeat measurement.
  • Report of testing result can flexibly set and report data can use for other applications.
  • Perform DLD temperture parameter testing at given temperture.
  • Specially, it is also suitable for measuring the temperture characteristics of high Q value and SC-cut type crystal.


12-3. Temperature Slew Test System

Temperature slew test system is a system that measure the frequency and resistance changes under a process of temperture changes which defined by users. Measuring the chagnes of crystal frequency upon the temperture changes cruve is the obvious function.

  • Suitable for measuring the frequency and resistance of SMD type crystal resonators.
  • With higher testing accurancy
  • Possible to measure the frequency change up to 0.5ppm (Typical value)
  • Fast testing speed: Around 20 second from -30°C to 120°C
  • Convenience for automatic manufacturing process and the work transmittion between other process by linear disc.
  • With variable excitation power and can set from 50nW to 1mW.
  • Using self-developed crystal network analyzer of TRANSAT and phase-locked type to proceed the test under continuously changes of temperture.
  • Setting of software is simplified and the operation become more easier.


13. Tappinig Machine

This machine will take 8pcs of products which laser printing is completed at the same time and insert to carrier tape. After sealing with tape, it will pass to stroage tray.

  • With two heating elements and corresponding for 2 different width types which offer an easiler changing of specification.
  • Check the direction, facing side and missing cell by CCD camera and alert user.
  • High speed
  • Simple operation
  • Steady and reliable operation

Dip Type Crystal Device Manufacturing Machinery


Temperature Controlled Final Plating System for HC Crystal

LC-10/TP is a final plating machine for linear crystal components. It performs final plating of AT and SC cut crystals at tightly controlled temperatures. It is specially fit with those SC cut crystals which require high temperture corner frequency. Besides, this system is using double side plating control to guarantee the functional stability of components and is suitable for final plating of high precision crystal components. Currently, this kind of temperture controlled final plating and double side plating is the only technique of USA SSC company.

  • High precision automated final plating of crystals at precisely controlled temperatures
  • Plating repeatability to ±0.5ppm
  • Temperature uniformity to ±0.5°C for all devices being plated
  • Equal plating deposition on both sides of crystal
  • Frequency range: 1-256MHZ
  • Temperture range: +65至+110°C and room temperture
  • Wide variety of package types accepted