Product Category


Distribute various production equipment for components such as semi-conductor, sapphire, piezoelectric crystal and ceramic passive components. Performance of our equipments are stability and with good maneuverability, it is a reliable safeguard for your quality products.


Distribute new materials of leading manufacturer in Japan. It includes high purity, high stability and nanoscale ceramic powders and electronic paste which are suitable for the production of various electronic components. Besides, to achieve the environmental protection standard, we also distribute environmental protection materials which is anti-pollution, deodorant and can remove heavy metals.

Electronic Components

As a distributor of a number of famous electronic component manufacturer. Products are with stable quality, high precision, high reliability features and wide application field such as telecommunications, semiconductor, medical, industrial, LED and other industries.


Distribute original equipment parts and other apllicable consumable materials. Provide a better and more efficient solutions for your equipments.